Storage Solutions

Smart Energy storage System: Power storage system for multiple energy

Storage applications

Based on Panasonic’s unique technology development abilities, production technology, and global supply chain, the company has achieved and maintained a major share of the global lithium-ion battery market. Offering an extensive lineup of lithium-ion batteries ranging from small applications such as consumer batteries for laptop computers, to larger applications such as the batteries used in environmental vehicles, Panasonic is a leading company in battery technology for various applications. In addition, Panasonic is a leader in the development and production of photovoltaic modules. Now, based on this foundation, Panasonic has entered the market for Smart Energy Storage Systems, adding a fourth key product area to already established presence in photovoltaic modules, rechargeable batteries, and batteries for electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Looking forward to future expansion in the renewable energy storage market, panasonic will use its leading Smart Energy Storage System to maximize customer satisfaction with "coordination and integration" technologies actively tailored to meet customer needs.

Various applications for rechargeable batteries

Solutions for various needs in the utility grid

Comprised of storage batteries and control units to manage charging and discharging, Panasonic’s Smart Energy Storage System is suitable for various application (e.g. Residential Energy Storage, Community Energy Storage, Utility scale ancillary services, etc.). Through the unique control method and know-how of managing energy storage, the system can control systems with over 1,000 storage batteries as part of a 1-MWh or greater system.