Temperature Elements

Rosemount™ 3144P Temperature Transmitter

  • Industry-leading accuracy and reliability for best performance in critical control and safety applications
  • Transmitter-sensor matching improves measurement accuracy up to 75%
  • 5-year long-term stability extends calibration intervals to reduce trips to the field
  • Dual compartment housing provides superior protection in harsh environments
  • Hot Backup™ capability and sensor drift alert utilizing dual sensors ensure measurement integrity
  • Thermocouple degradation diagnostic monitors thermocouple health to detect degradation before failure
  • Minimum and maximum temperature tracking allows monitoring of temperature extremes for easy troubleshooting
  • Transmitter supports multiple protocols for integration in many host environments across many industries

Rosemount™ 214C RTD Temperature Sensor

  • Single or dual element Pt-100 RTD with thin-film or wire-wound designs meets various application requirements
  • Thin film sensor engineered to withstand high vibration industrial applications
  • Wire-wound design for applications requiring high accuracy, dual-elements and/or are subjected to high temperatures
  • Covers a wide range of temperatures from –321 to 1112°F (–196 to 600°C) for application flexibility
  • Callendar-Van Dusen constants allow for transmitter-sensor matching and offer the highest level of accuracy
  • Optional Class A accuracy ensures critical temperature measurement points meet tolerance and accuracy standards
  • Adaptable design with a variety of enclosure and connection head options meet varying application demands
  • Includes spring-loaded or compact spring-loaded mounting styles for adaptability
  • North American approvals meet hazardous location requirements

Rosemount™ 183 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

  • Industry-standard sensor includes J, K, E and T thermocouple options for design flexibility
  • Sensor selections cover a wide range of temperatures from -292 to 2102°F (-180 to 1150°C) to meet process demands
  • Single, dual unisolated or dual isolated configurations with grounded or ungrounded junctions for varying applications
  • All sensor styles and lengths are available in ¼-in. diameter to offer an industry-standard design
  • Adaptable sensor provides many enclosure and connection head options to meet application requirements
  • Option for thermowell assembly increases protection from corrosive environments

Rosemount™ 185 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

  • Sensor designed per IEC 584 to offer optimal performance
  • Sensor selections cover a wide range of temperatures from -40 to 1832°F (-40 to 1000°C) to meet process demands
  • Available in single element, dual element and isolated configurations with ungrounded junctions for adaptability
  • DIN-style sensor connection heads allow for quick mounting and replacement
  • Terminal block, flying leads and spring-loaded threaded adapters provide remote or integral mounting configuration
  • Adaptable design with a variety of enclosure and connection head options meets varying application requirements
  • Option for thermo well assembly delivers increased protection from corrosive environments