Digital Temperature Controller (PXF Series)

Fast sampling within 50 ms and high accuracy of ±0.2%

Precise control : Achieved a processing speed of 50 ms which is 10 times faster than conventional models. Reading accuracy is also improved from ±0.5% to ±0.2%*. *Comparison under 0–850°C range, with RTD

Easy-to-see display : MVA LCD* which offers high contrast and wide viewing angle process value is displayed in white *Minimal translucent type vertical alignment liquid crystal display

Practical options : Simple watt-hour metering function: allows you to monitor energy consumption Operating days alarm: tells you the appropriate time for maintenance work Most compact class in industry- 36% smaller (than conventional models) and 58-mm depth shallow body helps downsize your facility

Universal input : can use any input among RTD, thermocouples, voltage, current, and mV. The set-up for input change is very easy, only requires parameter change. This allows reduction of maintenance parts

Directly connectable to PC : with optional USB cable. PXF requires no power supply because it is bus-powered


Digital Temperature Controller (PXL Series)

Standard Function :

Diverse control and tuning functions- From simple ON/OFF control to fuzzy PID control

Front waterproof structure (conforming with NEMA-4X, IP66)- Washable front panel

Optinal Functions :

4– 20 mA DC transfer output- PV (process value), SV (set value) and MV (manipulated output value) can be transferred to other measuring instruments

8-step ramp/soak function- Serves as a simple programmable controller

Digital input- Allows you to externally switch among preset SVs (set values) or carry out various actions

Heating and cooling control- Applicable to a self-heating process

Heater burnout alarm- Equipment damage can be prevented

Various alarm functions- Delay action, excitation/non-excitation selection or latch function can be combined with alarm


Digital Temperature Controller (PXE)

Simple and Compact

New design:- 1.6-mm thick, world's thinnest front panel

Shallow depth: 62 mm

Input type and measuring range are programmable - A user can switch input type among Pt100 and thermocouples and their measuring range with front keys

Flexible : ON/OFF control, PID control and Fuzzy control (with auto-tuning), Relay contact output or SSR/SSC drive output

Up to two alarm outputs

Front waterproof structure (IP66)


Digital Controller (PXH)

Ideal for process control of temperature, pressure, and flow

High speed control: 50 ms input sampling

High accuracy: 0.1%

5-digit display can show 0.01°C

Accepts various input: thermocouple, RTD, voltage, or current

9 DIs, 9 DOs, and 2 AOs

Variety of functions: RS-485, T-Link, math function, ramp soak, transmitter power supply, complete templates

Shallow body and front waterproof structure

Easy parameter setting


Module Type Temperature Controller (PUM series)

Temperature controller and PLC are incorporated into single controller

Smart! User friendly! Fast!

Efficient solution that meets your expectations

Parameter loader software facilitates the parameter setting and the control status check