Low Voltage Drives


Frenic New MINI-Rating 0.4 - 15 Kw

Heavy Duty General Purpose Industrial Drive

High Starting Torque at 150%, 200% overload for 0.5 Seconds

Built in Braking Chopper

Stable Operation at low speed

Ambient Temp: 50 Degree C

Built in PID Control Function

Non Linear V/F Pattern

Component Life Time forecast


Frenic ACE- Rating 0.4 - 310 Kw

General Purpose Industrial Drive

General purpose

Overload durability: 200% for 0.5 sec, Inbuilt RTU Modbus port

2 Analog inputs

7 Digital inputs (including FWD/REV)

2 Analog outputs

1 Relay output

2 Transistor outputs

Customized logic built in


Frenic MEGA- Rating 0.4 - 710 Kw

Heavy Duty High End Industrial Drive

Overload durability: 200% for 3sec, 150% for 1Min (HD model) /120% for 1 min (LD mode)

Ideal for highly accurate control

Fuji's Original Dynamic torque vector control

Quick reaction to the functuation of Impact load

Customize logic built in

Ambient Temp: 50 Degree C

3 Analog inputs /2 Analog Outputs

9 Digital Inputs

2 Relay outputs/4 Transistor Outputs


Frenic HVAC-Rating 0.75 - 315 Kw

Dedicated Drive for HVAC Applications. IP21 and IP55 Models.

EMC filter (C2 Class)

DC Choke built in as standard feature

Slim Body, IP21 (Standard) Enclosures / same dimension for IP55/IP2 1

4-PID Control

Wet bulb temperature presumption afunction

Fire Mode (Force protection)

Pickup Operation function

Real time clock

Torque Vector control

2 Level Password function

Customize logic

Filter clogging prevention function

LCD Keypad

Standard Communications: BAC net, Modbus RTU, Metasys N2


Frenic eHVAC-Rating 0.75 - 250 Kw

Dedicated HVAC Driver

Dedicated functionality for HVAC markets

Fire mode (fan control), built-in PID/Cascade operation (pump control), etc.

Dedicated EMC filter as standard

Built-in category C2/C3 EMC filter as standard,

Comprehensive Communication Network - Best in Class


Enhanced customized logic

Mini PLC logic can be supported inside the Drive


Frenic LIFT- Rating : 4 Kw - 45 Kw

Dedicated Drive for Lift Applications. For PM Motors and Induction Motor

Optimum Exclusive design for Passenger Elevators

PMSM (Gearless) / IM Common drive

200% Overload capacity for 10 seconds

High performance vector control

PG feedback for IM close loop operation

Maintenance functions / long design life

Supports 48 V DC / 200 V AC single phase for ARD operation

Starting without Load Cell

Creep less & short floor function

Regeneration Feature also available


Frenic ACE LIFT- Rating : 3.7 Kw - 15 Kw

Dedicated Drive for Lifts . Used for Induction Motors.

200% OL for 3 Sec, 150% OL for 60 Sec

Ideal design for open loop elevator application

6 S – Curves for smooth operation of elevator

Supports 200 V, single phase ARD operation as standard feature

External brake logic control by drive

Output contactor control by digital output and built in timer Function

Customizable 4- point V/F pattern

Braking resistor overload protection

PTC input with threshold settable


Frenic Solar 0.4 - 55kw

True Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function

Modbus RS 485 in- built to communicate with Remote Monitoring Systems

Motor Protection features to select water level detection and control circuit to prevent overflow.

Low Out power signal function

Dry Pump Detection

Tank Level Detection

Sleep function to safeguard the motor.

Big step Detection in climate is possible for smooth operation.

Easy to operate, Programmed through Factory