Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Spool Piece Ultrasonic Flowmeter (FST)

High accuracy ±0.2% of rate

Low maintenance

Bubble resistant

Wide temperature range from -40°C to +150°C

Non conductive fluid including oil, mixed liquid, purified water can be measured

Easy-to-operate with backlit LCD and front panel operation


Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter (FSC)

Data storage on SD card

Consumed energy calculation

Flow velocity profile (option)

Compact & lightweight

v12 hours of continuous battery operation

Full variety of detectors (13 mm to 6000 mm)

Low to high temp (-40 to +200 deg C

High accuracy (1%)

Improved anti bubble characteristics

Large graphic LCD, easy to read

Large capacity to storage by SD memory card up-to 8GB (256 MB can store about 1 year measurement data)

USB serial communication to PC

Provided with printer for screen hard copy


M-Flow PW (FLR)

Excellent anti-bubble performance

Standard accuracy: 1.5% of rate (1.0% is also available)

Fast response: 0.2 seconds

Operation available without opening the cover

RS-485 communication (option)

Parameter loader software provided

Extendable detector for pipe size from 50 mm to 1200 mm


Hybrid Type Duosonics (FSH)

Offers highly accurate measurement (0.5%–1%) of volumetric flow rate

For a wide range of fluid including a fluid with air bubbles or particles

In pulse doppler mode, you can check the flow profile on PC in real time

Fast response: 0.2 s in pulse doppler method ,0.5 s in transit time method

Clamp-on detector

2-path measurement available


Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Air (FWD)

No pressure loss = no energy loss

Tolerant to oil and mist : No need for filter such as mist separator

Lithium-ion battery driven, Battery life: approx. 10 years

Normal conversion provided as standard Actual air flow, temperature, and pressure are converted into those in standard conditions

Forward/reverse flow measurement

Air leakage detection


TIME DELTA-C advanced type (FSVL)

Simultanous measurement of dual channel flow with one transmitter

High accuracy measurement using 2 pipe system for 1 pipe

Measurement of energy consumption in cooling and Heating System