SPF-Motion Control System

Maximum I/O capacity: DI/DO 512 nos

Power Supply - 1 Phase 100-240 VAC - (15%/+10%)

Simple & Smart modular PLC

High Performance with "System on Chips"

High Speed Counters - 4 nos. Each 200kHz & 5KHz

4 Axis High Speed Pulse Output for NC Position Control

16 High Speed Interrupts or Captured Inputs


Micrex -SX Multi axis motion controller

Realizes High-Speed advanced machine control

Open network oriented

Realizes integrated programming support

Integrated control, information and communication

Rack type PLC

Highest level of process controller in industry

Extremely rich features for process control

Can control up to 32 axis with single CPU


Honeywell ML200

Powerful and versatile Processors-High Speed i.e.42nano sec/step

7MB Program Memory, 2MB Data Memory

16MB built in flash memory for program and data backup

Redundancy for CPU, Power Supply, Communication and I/O Network

32 bit Processor for High speed Execution

IEC61131-3 Standard Programming

Supports Profibus DP, Device Net, Modbus (Serial and Ethernet)


Siemens S7-200 Smart PLC

Maximum IO handling capacity : DI/DO 252

Power Supply – 1 Phase – 100-240 V AC & 24 V DC

High Speed Processor Chip, execution time is up to 0.15µs

Dual port Ethernet & RS485 inter-connectivity, economic and convenient

High Speed counter 4 Nos. each 200KHz 1 Phase

High Speed Pulse output 3 Nos each 100 KHz

Integrated micro SD slot to upgrade program and device firmware