Gas Analyzer

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

Gas sampling device is unnecessary : For quick response, insert the detector directly into the flue Gas sampling functions such as a gas aspirator and a dehumidifi er are not required

Easy maintenance : The sensor equipped with the detector, has unit construction, it is easy to replace. By separating the detector and the flow guide tube, filter replacement is easy

More reliable than sensor diagnosis, sensor recoverable function : Depending on the concentration of the measurement gas, the power of the sensor might deteriorate. The equipment includes sensor recovery function electronically, checking the deterioration status of the sensor depletion.Therefore, it has high reliability and long-lasting stability

Safe and secure : System detects thermocouple break for heater control on the sensor side. Safety functions of isolating power supply to the detector or isolating power via external contact input are also

Easy operation : The operation and setting for the converter can be performed interactivelly, and available as English, Japanese or Chinese for language display