Automation Solutions

Dedicated Solutions for Wire/Cable, Printing and Roll Feed Labelling Applications

Drive solutions in Rotogravure Bottling Machine (Sleeve Applicator)

  • Sleeve Label is pulled from the Roll and stops on mark sensor using built-in mark detection servo feature
  • Sleeve label is cut by servo cutter
  • Sleeve axis synchronized Product conveyor axis
  • Motion controller detects High Speed Mark and CAM Functionality

Flat Bed Printing Machine

  • Increases speed from 14-15 Strokes per minute to 22-23 strokes per minute
  • Servo based machine can work both with Indian made blanket and Imported blanket
  • Increase in accuracy from 2mm variation in printing to 0.5 mm
  • Maintenance free system
  • Operator friendly programming, easier than conventional controller

VFD Solutions for Material Handling

Drives have been greatly used for Material Handling Applications as it helps in speed control, starting and stopping jerk controls, controlled cycle time, sway controls, accurate positioning and increase in Safety standards. We have been providing solutions for Cranes & Elevators and can be extremely helpful for your project/ OEM requirements. Having a dedicated series of VFD for Lift application which can be used for controlling Induction as well as Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors.