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RADAR Level Transmitter

RADAR Technology Benefits-

  • Highly accurate and reliable direct level measurement with no compensation for changing process conditions such as density, conductivity, viscosity, pH, pressure.
  • No moving parts and no re-calibration needed results in minimised maintenance.
  • Non-contacting technology ideal for dirty, corrosive applications.

Rosemount 5400 series-

High application Flexibility
  • low and high frequency models
  • can be isolated by valves
  • suitable for most liquid and slurry applications and process conditions.
Best performance and uptime-
  • uninterrupted process monitering reduces downtime.
  • dual port technology ensures reliability, longer measuring ranges and lower dielectrics.

Robust design reduces costs, increases safety-
  • robust,shock resistant and vibration proof design
  • Detachable transmitter heads allows tank to remain sealed.

Easy installation and plant integration-
  • Circular polarisation minimises installation constraints.
  • Multivariable device reduces the number of process penetration.

Minimised maintence reduces cost-
  • No contact with media and no mechanical moving parts.
  • No re-calibration or compensation needed.

Rosemount 5401 RADAR Level Transmitter-
  • Low frequency(6GHz) means a wider Radar beam resulting in larger cone antenna diameters.
  • Ideal for applications with turbulence, condensation, vapour, dust and foam or where there is risk of deposists forming on the antenna.

Rosemount 5402 RADAR Level Transmitter-

  • Preferred for most applications especially where the nozzle size is 4in. or less.
  • High frequency(26 GHz) means a concentrated Radar beam reulting in smaller cone antenna diameters.
  • Narrow beam means suitable for mounting on valves, taller nozzles,smaller opening that is easier to avoid unwanted reflections from mechanical obstacles such as agitators and heating coils.
  • Build-up resistant cone antenna.